Thursday August 29th, 2019 at 12:00 pm Dearth Center

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Lot 1200

Branch: Lot 1200

Large Vacant Lot On Stanton Road In Sherwood. Sold for $4,600.00
Lot 1201

Branch: Lot 1201

Old M-60 " Total Service Building" Off Mendon... Sold for $7,000.00
Lot 1202

Branch: Lot 1202

Trailers And Large Storage Building Off Chipp... Sold for $9,500.00
Lot 1206

Branch: Lot 1206

Trailer On Oak Grove Park Dr In Union City Sold for $4,100.00
Lot 1208

Branch: Lot 1208

Two Story Home On East High Street Next To Th... Minimum Bid: $6,800.00
Lot 1211

Branch: Lot 1211

Two Story Home Between Division St And Charlo... Minimum Bid: $12,000.00
Lot 1212

Branch: Lot 1212

One Story Home On West Colon Rd In Bronson Sold for $22,500.00
Lot 1213

Branch: Lot 1213

Vacant Lot On West Chicago Rd In Coldwater. Sold for $1,400.00
Lot 1222

Branch: Lot 1222

Vacant Lot On West Montgomery St In Coldwater Minimum Bid: $1,700.00
Lot 1224

Branch: Lot 1224

Nice Two Story Home On North Hanchett St In C... Minimum Bid: $26,250.00