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Lot 1406

Branch: Lot 1406

Mobile Home On Tacoma Drive In Union City Sold for $13,000.00
Lot 1414

Branch: Lot 1414

Small Vacant Lot On Creamery Rd In Union City Sold for $1,000.00
Lot 1417

Branch: Lot 1417

Two Story Home On Peacock Dr In Coldwater Minimum Bid: $2,500.00
Lot 1422

Branch: Lot 1422

Two Story Home On N Matteson Lake Rd In Brons... Sold for $14,750.00
Lot 1423

Branch: Lot 1423

Two Story Home With Large Barn On Cavanaugh R... Sold for $79,750.00
Lot 1432

Branch: Lot 1432

~ 5 Acres Of Farm Land On W Lockwood Rd In Co... Sold for $15,250.00
Lot 1446

Branch: Lot 1446

Two Story Home On N Hudson St In Coldwater. Sold for $47,000.00
Lot 1449

Branch: Lot 1449

Two Story Commercial/residential Building On ... Sold for $35,250.00
Lot 1450

Branch: Lot 1450

Parking Lot With Large Shed On Marshall St In... Minimum Bid: $5,100.00
Lot 1451

Branch: Lot 1451

Vacant Lot On The Corner Of W Chicago St And ... Sold for $2,400.00