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Lot 5001

Oscoda: Lot 5001

Not So Good Mobile Home On Private Drive Minimum Bid: $1,763.78
Lot 5005

Oscoda: Lot 5005

Mobile Home In Fairview (Nextdoor To Lot 5004... Minimum Bid: $2,164.71
Lot 5006

Oscoda: Lot 5006

Mobile Home Pad On M-72 North Of Fairview. Minimum Bid: $1,856.22
Lot 5008

Oscoda: Lot 5008

House (Or Half House?) In Lewiston On Town Li... Minimum Bid: $5,205.77
Lot 5010

Oscoda: Lot 5010

Vacant Lot On Pine Ridge In Lewiston...again! Minimum Bid: $595.03
Lot 5012

Oscoda: Lot 5012

Permanent Mobile In Lewiston With Garage - Sn... Minimum Bid: $2,146.76
Lot 5013

Oscoda: Lot 5013

Vacant Lot (Partially Cleared) In Lewiston On... Minimum Bid: $830.38
Lot 5014

Oscoda: Lot 5014

Reminents Of A Once Mobile Home On Spruce. Minimum Bid: $560.64
Lot 5015

Oscoda: Lot 5015

Delapidated Mobile Home On Nice Street In Lew... Minimum Bid: $1,556.42