These are properties that have gone through the auction process already and failed to sell. They are being reoffered to individuals that are up to date on both their property taxes and association fees.

We are now accepting offers to purchase certain unsold, surplus properties from qualified individuals.

On many of these lands, conditions may apply. Some purchasers may not be approved. An application to purchase does not guarantee acceptance of that offer.

In some instances there are DISCOUNTS available to adjacent property owners.

Please see individual county or parcel lists for specific requirements.

Properties will be added irregularly as they are identified as surplus by foreclosing governmental units. Some counties may have many parcels, and others none. There is no schedule for parcels to be added, and we cannot estimate when additions will be made.

These are properties that did not sell during the regular tax auction process. Be aware that most have reasons they did not sell, which can include wetlands, lack of legal access, parcels that are too small or narrow to build on, terrain challenges, or the annual taxes, property owners association (POA) fees or other costs may exceed the value of the land itself.

Most of these properties did not sell for a good reason.

Please perform your due diligence carefully, and be sure you fully understand what you are purchasing. There are no refunds.

Terms for Buying Surplus County Land Parcels
1. Counties may require that a buyer already own land within the county and be up to date on taxes and association fees in order to purchase these surplus lands.
2. The person does not directly or indirectly hold more than a de minimis legal interest in any property with delinquent property taxes located in the same county as the property.
3. The person is not directly or indirectly responsible for any unpaid civil fines for a violation of an ordinance authorized by section 4l of the home rule city act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.4l, in the local tax collection unit in which the property is located.
4. Purchaser must pay full amount plus fees within 5 days of being deemed an eligible buyer. A purchaser may be eligible for a discount on the property if they are an adjacent property owner. In order to purchase a property, a purchaser must submit an offer online by using this form. Once this form is received and a purchaser is deemed eligible to buy, they will be contacted to gather deed and payment information.
There will be a $30 deed recording fee and a $20 processing fee for each purchase. Credit Card (with 2.75% Credit Card Fees applied), Cashiers Check and Wire Transfers are the only acceptable payments.