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Lot 4300

Monroe: Lot 4300

1 Story Brick Hoarder Ranch In Temperance Minimum Bid: $8,400.00
Lot 4302

Monroe: Lot 4302

Large Field On Telegraph Rd North Of Monroe. Minimum Bid: $16,800.00
Lot 4303

Monroe: Lot 4303

Large Piece Of Commercial Vacant Land On Mall Minimum Bid: $49,600.00
Lot 4310

Monroe: Lot 4310

2 Story Mix Use Building In Downtown Dundee Minimum Bid: $5,500.00
Lot 4314

Monroe: Lot 4314

Vacant Farmland And Woods In Northern Monroe ... Minimum Bid: $257,500.00
Lot 4316

Monroe: Lot 4316

Vacant Lot On Corner Of W. Third And Harrison Minimum Bid: $7,200.00
Lot 4317

Monroe: Lot 4317

Small Sliver Of Land On E. Third St In Monroe Minimum Bid: $350.00