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Lot 4701

Ogemaw: Lot 4701

Mobile With A Garage Off M-55 In West Branch Sold for $30,250.00
Lot 4705

Ogemaw: Lot 4705

1 Story Home On Sage Lake Road (With Tree On ... Sold for $13,750.00
Lot 4709

Ogemaw: Lot 4709

Vacant Lot On Corner Of First And Michigan In... Sold for $700.00
Lot 4712

Ogemaw: Lot 4712

Small Vacant Lot On Van St In Skidway Lake. Minimum Bid: $1,650.00
Lot 4727

Ogemaw: Lot 4727

Vacant Corner Lot On Michael Dr & East Drive Minimum Bid: $2,000.00
Lot 4737

Ogemaw: Lot 4737

Vacant Swamp Lot On Railroad St In Prescott Minimum Bid: $1,100.00