Branch, Calhoun

Wednesday August 17th, 2022 at 10:00 am EDT

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Branch: Lot 1102

Partially Wooded ~0.17 Acre Vacant Lot In Uni... Sold for $1,300.00

Branch: Lot 1103

~0.22 Acres Vacant Lot On Railroad St In Sher... Sold for $1,600.00

Branch: Lot 1107

Two Story Home On ~1.28 Acres Willowbrook Rd ... Sold for $71,750.00

Branch: Lot 1108

Two Story House W/ Detached Garage ~0.55 Acre... Sold for $30,250.00

Branch: Lot 1109

One Story Home W/ Creek On The Corner Of Holm... Sold for $14,250.00

Branch: Lot 1112

~1.79 Acres - Wooded Vacant Lot Off Miller Rd... Sold for $34,750.00

Branch: Lot 1114

One Story Home On ~1.66 Acres On Smith St In ... Sold for $79,250.00

Branch: Lot 1115

Two Story Home On Corner Of Henry St And Nort... Sold for $65,250.00

Calhoun: Lot 1235

Wooded Vacant Lots On Wilds Ave In Battle Cre... Minimum Bid: $1,580.14

Calhoun: Lot 1249

~0.20 Acre Vacant Lot On Fairview Ave In Batt... Minimum Bid: $4,579.71

Calhoun: Lot 1264

~0.12 Acre Vacant Lot On Cherry St In Battle ... Minimum Bid: $3,209.47

Calhoun: Lot 1271

~0.42 Acre Vacant Lot On Hamblin Ave In Battl... Minimum Bid: $5,076.19