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Bids must be placed by 5:00PM EST on November 3rd, 2020
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Lot 5023

Kent: Lot 5023

*landlocked* Vacant Lot In The Middle Of Some... Sold for $100.00
Lot 5035

Kent: Lot 5035

Vacant 1/2 Lot On Abrigador Trail Ne Sold for $650.00
Lot 5042

Kent: Lot 5042

*landlocked* Vacant Lot On The Edge Of Big Pi... Sold for $100.00
Lot 5104

Kent: Lot 5104

Vacant Strip On Briarwood Avenue In Grand Rap... Minimum Bid: $100.00
Lot 5245

Kent: Lot 5245

Vacant Lot On Se Dygert Dr In Alto Minimum Bid: $100.00