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Lot 1200

Branch: Lot 1200

Vacant Lot On The Corner Of N Main Street And... Minimum Bid: $532.21
Lot 1203

Branch: Lot 1203

One Story Home On Broadway St In Union City Sold for $1,455.52
Lot 1204

Branch: Lot 1204

One Story Home Sitting On ~20 Acres On Herric... Sold for $117,250.00
Lot 1206

Branch: Lot 1206

~18 Acres On N Union City Rd In Coldwater. Sold for $28,000.00
Lot 1207

Branch: Lot 1207

One Story Home On Bobwhite Dr In Coldwater Sold for $39,750.00
Lot 1208

Branch: Lot 1208

Multiple Buildings On ~49 Acres Of Land On E ... Sold for $700,250.00
Lot 1210

Branch: Lot 1210

Vacant Lot On Canada Shores Rd In Coldwater Sold for $16,750.00
Lot 1211

Branch: Lot 1211

Small House On The Corner Of Mack Dr And Stat... Sold for $1,400.00
Lot 1213

Branch: Lot 1213

One Car Shed/garage On Elm St In Coldwater. Minimum Bid: $1,106.58
Lot 1214

Branch: Lot 1214

Occupied - Two Bedroom Home On Abbott Ave In ... Sold for $37,000.00
Lot 1215

Branch: Lot 1215

Two Story Home On Church St In Coldwater. Sold for $35,250.00
Lot 1216

Branch: Lot 1216

One Story House On The Corner Of Charles St A... Sold for $20,000.00