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Lot 1601

Chippewa: Lot 1601

Dense, Brushy Parcel With Sailor Creek Fronta... Minimum Bid: $938.15
Lot 1602

Chippewa: Lot 1602

2 Acre Parcel With Primitive Camp. Bruce Town... Minimum Bid: $669.16
Lot 1604

Chippewa: Lot 1604

Beautiful Waterfront Huron Bay Drummond Islan... Minimum Bid: $1,252.95
Lot 1606

Chippewa: Lot 1606

Vacant 1/2 Acre Parcel On Old Mackinac Trail.... Minimum Bid: $1,978.62
Lot 1608

Chippewa: Lot 1608

Cute Little Neebish Island Cottage Needs Some... Minimum Bid: $1,880.34
Lot 1610

Chippewa: Lot 1610

Two Parcels On Sugar Island. Might Be Occupie... Minimum Bid: $2,815.31
Lot 1615

Chippewa: Lot 1615

Older Home In The Soo. Needs Foundation And R... Minimum Bid: $3,003.14