Tuesday September 13th, 2022 at 10:00 am EDT

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Kent: Lot 3302

4 Plus Acres Of Swampland In Cedar Springs Sold for $3,200.00

Kent: Lot 3305

Single Wide In The Country In Sand Lake Sold for $56,250.00

Kent: Lot 3324

Condemned House On Worden St. In S E Grand Ra... Sold for $94,500.00

Kent: Lot 3329

Vacant Lot On Franklin St. In S E Grand Rapid... Sold for $16,750.00

Kent: Lot 3340

Two Story House On Wyoming Ave. In Wyoming Sold for $152,250.00

Kent: Lot 3360

Vacant Lot ~.51 Acres On Eastern Ave In Kentw... Sold for $7,000.00

Kent: Lot 3367

Strip Of Land In Byron Center - Must Be Adjac... Minimum Bid: $672.73

Kent: Lot 3368

Strip Of Land In Byron Center - Must Be Adjac... Sold for $619.64

Kent: Lot 3369

Strip Of Land ~.02 Acres Between Houses - Mus... Minimum Bid: $578.55

Kent: Lot 3370

Strip Of Land ~.02 Acres In Byron Center - Mu... Minimum Bid: $619.18

Kent: Lot 3371

Vacant Lot ~0.34 Acres On Thornapple River In... Minimum Bid: $4,158.75