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Lot 2300

Gogebic: Lot 2300

Cute Bungalow. Very Original Condition. Anvil... Minimum Bid: $3,363.48
Lot 2306

Gogebic: Lot 2306

Rotten House With Bad Foundation. Bessemer Minimum Bid: $6,541.07
Lot 2311

Gogebic: Lot 2311

Spotless, Efficient Little Dollhouse In Ironw... Minimum Bid: $3,600.37
Lot 2312

Gogebic: Lot 2312

Old Two Story Wood Frame Commercial Type Buil... Minimum Bid: $2,801.06
Lot 2314

Gogebic: Lot 2314

Former Hospital, Nursing Home Facility. Ironw... Minimum Bid: $29,250.72
Lot 2315

Gogebic: Lot 2315

Foundation Is Failing, Wood Pier Footing... Minimum Bid: $1,571.35
Lot 2320

Gogebic: Lot 2320

Midcentury Frame Construction In The Newport ... Minimum Bid: $3,331.89
Lot 2331

Gogebic: Lot 2331

Collapsed House Near Wakefield. Five Nice Acr... Minimum Bid: $9,375.08